In beta, pull requests accepted

Idea inception.

How did this come about?

I found myself doing the same thing again and again, compiling device drivers for chipsets with non supported firmware.

Windows has a device installer, for cryptographically signed drivers, so why not build that.

I first wrote this as my dissertation at Kent university, with the client in C++ (Linux is written in C++ right?) and a Java backend.

It's open source, it has to be (a lot of universities own copyright on anything you name drop to a lecturer).

Years later, I rewrote this in Python and Django (a good way to spin up websites), thanks to the amazing Mr E ;)

Initially, my question was, is a device driver any good? The original version asked for a user to vote on it's success.

Is the user correct though? Not each one would know if the problem was the driver or them.

Searching a way round, I clocked GitHub stars, user's of GitHub vote on an application, giving it a star.

Hang on, more stars, better the dirver is right? We'll use that.

At the same time though, we're inserting code into the Kernel (the OS core) to run and so anything, how can we be sure this is not malicious?

GitHub stars again, if a module is voted on 100 times, it must be safe right?