Adding your repository to Tuxconfig.


You must be using DKMS

The code you submit must be on the "master" branch.

Your install script should configure the Makefile for the architecture you're installing to.

If not i386 or x86_64 this can be determined by the "Hardware:" variable in /proc/cpuinfo

If not i386 or x86_64 check if the kernel is in 32 or 64 bit architecture.

Please note we vet each repository for malware and spyware.

Adding your repository:

Create a fie in your root folder called Tuxconfig

Sample below:

device_ids="0bda:c811" #list of ids supported by this installer.

cpu_ids="x86_64" #list of chipsets supported by this installer, eg x86_64, i386,BCM2711 (Raspberry pi 4)

module_id="rtl8821CU" # Module id: name of your DKMS module

install_command="./" # Command to install DKMS module

test_command="./" # Exit status is 0 if your module is installed correctly.